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Welcome to FMA-AU!

Hello! This group is for Fullmetal Alchemist Alternate Universe and Crossover art.

For anyone who doesn't know what AU or a Crossover is:
:bulletred: Alternate Universe, or AU, means the characters of a story but in a different era/time/place and usually with a different story-line. Like for example these Fullmetal Alchemist in High School or pirates fanfictions/fanart you usually find. Also if it strays off the original story line and takes a completely different direction.
:bulletred: Crossover is like a sub-category to Alternate Universe, it's basically the characters of one story entering the world of another story and sometimes interacting with the characters of that said story. A pretty common example would be Fullmetal Alchemist characters in the Harry Potter world.

Please read the rules before joining or submitting anything:
:bulletblue: There must be at least one Fullmetal Alchemist character in your work.
:bulletblue: Traditional, digital and literature will be accepted. As well as cosplay photos.
:bulletblue: Your art work must be neat and clean, no rough sketches or drawings on lined paper.
:bulletblue: It should be somewhat well drawn and the characters should be recognizable.
:bulletblue: Please don't post photographs of your drawings; if it's traditional it should be scanned.
:bulletblue: Since this IS an AU and Crossover art group, only these types will be accepted. That is, FMA characters in a different universe or in a different world meeting with other characters from a different fandom, and vice versa.
:bulletblue: Any pairing is allowed, even if it's a crossover pairing and makes no sense to other people (like I don't know DumbledoreXArmstrong).
:bulletblue: However, OCxCannon (Original Characters paired with Canon characters) is not allowed. This isn't intended as an offense, there is simply an overwhelming amount of OC art that would be submitted and would outweigh everything else (I know this because even with the rule we STILL get more OC submissions than anything else). If you still view this as an insult, it's not our problem. There are plenty of other groups that would accept OC art, I could even refer you to some. Look back at the 1st rule, one FMA character is required in a submission, OC's don't count. But if it's sort of like an NPC and isn't a very big part of the picture and isn't visibly paired with anyone else (in any universe, FMA or otherwise) then it's fine.
:bulletblue: OC art is not allowed.
:bulletblue: For the cosplay folder, we'll accept FMA characters with other characters outside of FMA, AU versions of FMA cosplay, and crossover versions of FMA cosplay. So for example, if you designed an outfit for Ed in the Kingdom Hearts world and cosplayed it, you may add it. Or if you're cosplaying as Roy Mustang and your friend is dressed as Naruto in the same picture, you may add it. We will not accept FMA cosplay that has nothing to do with AU or crossover.
:bulletblue: Please follow dA's rules.
:bulletblue: Don't be disrespectful. Don't insult, troll, spam or threaten others. This kind of behavior can and will get you blocked or removed from the group. Come on guys, we're all friends here.
:bulletblue: Submit your art to the "ALL SUBMISSIONS" folder (it's set up so that members will only be able to submit in this folder), we will accept and sort it into an appropriate folder ourselves.
:bulletblue: If we Decline your art, don't lose your cool. Review the rules and see what you have missed. If you can't find a valid reason as to why your art was rejected, you can message us and ask, it could have been a mistake.
:bulletblue: Copied works won't be accepted, and if we find that your submission is a stolen art work, there will be consequences.
:bulletblue: For favourites, you can add any FMA art and it doesn't have to be Crossover or AU.

Any questions? Feel free to message us.

- :iconthe-queen-of-tea: -
Attention all FMA-AU group members, this is IMPORTANT. Please read.

Hey everyone, I don't mean any disrespect to anyone in this blog post but it has come to my attention that a lot of people have been submitting deviations unrelated to what this group is targeted towards, or they submit deviations that defy the set of rules in this group.

As you can see, the title of the group is FMA-AU, which means; Fullmetal Alchemist - Alternate Universe.

I have made a list of rules for this group, I know some of them sound unreasonable but really, every rule has a purpose behind it and they are not there because the founder (me) wants to be a killjoy.

I will mention the rules that were most often overlooked:

:bulletred: Photographs of drawings: This one is self-explanatory. I think we can all agree that a scanned drawing looks much more pleasing than a photo of it. If you don't have a scanner at least don't take crooked pictures and make it obvious that it's a photograph. Take a straight photo where the lighting is good and make it look like it's actually scanned or if you are talented enough, digital. I can do this with my crappy camera and edit on my computer to make it look as if I really scanned the drawing. I'm really bad at photo-editing, so if I can do that I'm pretty sure other people can too.

:bulletred: Fullmetal Alchemist fanart that isn't Alternate Universe or a Crossover: This is also pretty obvious, and I mentioned above that the title says it all. Artwork of Edward and Alphonse walking in Central City isn't Alternate Universe and definitely isn't a crossover. An example of AU would be Fullmetal Alchemist in High School or Steampunk. An example of Crossover would be Fullmetal Alchemist in Hogwarts or in Mordor. If you're still confused, here are links explaining Alternate Universe and Crossovers.

:bulletred: Original Characters (OC's): Alright, this one may seem a little unreasonable, but the reason why OC's aren't allowed in this group is because you are already bending FMA over to other universes and including characters from other fandoms, I feel that OC's will just cause things to be complicated. It does state in the rules that an artwork must contain at least one FMA character, and an OC isn't an FMA character therefore OC's don't count. Not going to name any names but I've had people submit artworks of solely their OC's without any actual characters in the picture. Another reason for that being is that I find that there is a lot of FMA OC's on dA as it is, and because it is after all my group, and the co-founders agreed with me on that, I decided it's best to keep them out of here. The same doesn't go for minor OC's in fanfics or in pictures. If it's a background character that isn't the main focus, that's fine. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, I know there is a huge debate over OC's on deviantART but I'd like to keep it out of here so please just accept the rules as they are. Start your own group if you really want Alternate Universe Fullmetal Alchemist with OC's.

:bulletblue: I made this group with a focus because I know a lot of people enjoy alternate universe FMA, like me. Please scan over the rules before you submit so I won't have to post any more blog-posts full of mean words and nagging towards group members, it only takes five minutes.

:bulletblue: Also, if anyone wants to become a contributor, tell me. I feel that this group needs quite a bit of work done and not all of the administrators have time to work on it too much (including myself) and I feel that if more people joined it would be easier for each person to just give 5 minutes a day to help improve this group.


If you are a fan of Star Wars, and also like it in Crossovers and Alternate Universe, join :iconedwardsalterego:'s StarWarsAU group:
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Anyway, really sorry. Nothing against your art, it's just that everyone in this group is too busy with their personal lives including myself. I might make this group active again some time in the future but at the very moment I don't have the time. Sorry.
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